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Paul Dayco, Samsung

Through her pragmatic approach as well as her incredibly creative efforts, [Jacquelyn] demonstrated intense passion and high energy to her work, and it filtered through the people she managed. Jacquelyn personified her brand and was an incredible person to deal with.


Jacquelyn is extremely knowledgable and highly skilled across all areas that pertain to strategy, brand development, and communications. But what sets Jacquelyn apart is that she is just as much a team-player as she is a leader - with every project she led, she gave clear direction to the team as well as supported members wherever needed. Her compassionate style of leadership combined with her extensive knowledge is rare and invaluable to say the least.

Catherine Brennan, Ontario Bar Association

Jacquelyn was a dream to work with! She was very knowledgable, thorough and enthusiastic; her commitment to the project clearly demonstrated her passion for helping clients build successful brand strategy.


JC’s ambition, drive and tenacity is what truly [drives her] success. Her passion and dedication to clients was evident day in and day out - no matter the ask, no matter how big or small, every client was given her undivided attention and assurance. Her effervescence and relentless focus is what will always make her memorable as a fearless leader. Jacquelyn is truly an out-of-the-box thinker and wonderfully determined. “It’s gonna be amazing” she would say - and every project [we worked on] surely was.

Scott Bartley, Women's Executive Network

Jacquelyn is as dynamic as they come, both as a speaker and as a mentor. On the stage, she delivers content in a manner many just can’t. Regardless of the topic, it’s fun, it’s engaging, and best of all it challenges you to think about yourself and about your business in a new light.


Jacquelyn's leadership style is positive, encouraging, and supportive. She is extremely easy to talk to, and goes out of her way to make every employee feel appreciated. Jacquelyn’s enthusiasm for her work is infectious, and she inspired us all to achieve excellence on a daily basis.

Dahlia Younan, Ryerson University

Jacquelyn is such an inspiration, not only as a gifted speaker and instructor, but the knowledge she impart(s) will not disappear once the class is over. Her humor, her abilities to tie everything together and bring in real-life examples speaks to her investment of time and and effort to ensure my students received the very best.


Jacquelyn is very knowledgable across all arenas, approaches all tasks methodically, with ultra-sharp precision, and her unique brand of humour. Whenever I had questions or concerns, I could always count on her for instant advice and support. Jacquelyn’s clear passion and relentless drive for excellence is contagious, and has been a big inspiration to me.