Leen Al-Taher, Stephania Stefanakou, Jacob John of House of Anesi

Stephania Stefanakou, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, House of Anesi, a company that was 139% funded on Kickstarter



As the creators of the world's first bra that adapts to women's ever-changing breast sizes, the Anesi founders had invested years and significant cash into the engineering of their innovative product. With a mission-driven conviction that every woman has the right to boldly move through her own life - free of social, cultural, and physical constraints that have historically been identified as part of womanhood - the team had a sharp eye on designing and executing a high impact Kickstarter to go to market quickly.


Fashion, technology, consumer products


Growth acceleration focus:

Market positioning, go-to-market strategy, growth coaching



"JC+CO has been helping Anesi for the last year with growth, positioning, brand, media, and advertising strategies. She motivates and inspires our team to work harder and harder after every meeting, and makes us feel optimistic about anything that is ahead of us.


Without her, our Kickstarter would not have been such a huge success. We exceeded our funding goal and were featured in Teen Vogue, Bustle, Glamour, and everything in between... and are now well on our way to getting our product on the boobies of women around the world! JC+CO is incredible. If you want to have a successful launch, these are the people you need by your side!"